Monday, 30 October 2017


Assalamualaikum & hi everyone! how are you guys doing? hope that you guys are doing g00d!
Today i'll be sharing with you guys what's my favourite for this month.. erm.. not including clothes cuz i didn't shop much cuz its exam month­čś¬However, i still got myself a few items and few of them has been my fav!

i got this from HERMO.. cuz that time i was suffering with SUNBURN. my face was very dark back then. yulks.. and after i use this face wash, i get over with my sunburn but my sunburn isn't reduced like magic. It does takes time, like.. a month i guess? i got this since september. so yah it takes a month.

Besides using the face wash, i also use this mosturizer. i read a lot of positive feedback about this product and i feel like I NEED TO TRY THIS! so i got myself one. as what others tells, its does reduce the sunburn. oh! i almost forgot to tell you that i also got this from HERMO. lol, this is not an ad, guys. 

uh, i got this from lrt station masjid jamek. is it lrt? hrm, maybe yes. i don't know how to desc this... whether it is a lip balm or a lipstick =.= but i really like it cuz its cheap(the price is RM1 guys. how crazy) but the colour was nice. you can make it gradient or normal colour. 
Savee Magic Lip 1

i only use the sample. lol. i got the sample for free so i use it. never waste free stuff man. i found this mask is soooooo goooood its makes your skin feels so freeking sOFT OMG! but yeah the real one is so expensive. so i'll never get the new one.
Image result for thefaceshop madagascar mask
i'm currently love to hear calming music after a day of stressful exam. i likes the lowfi/lo-fi kinda style.  alright let show u guys.

2. as always kpop. lol. 
-bts- gogo (i like the choreo omg help me)
-exo- all of it till now lol 
-imma new fans of IU hahaha wtf so i'm so lame. -sleepless rainy night&pallete
-sunmi-gashina (this is LIT FAM)

fuhh it's finally done......... im so tired.... its already 1:17am.....
what is your favourite? or u have the same as mine? comment below and let me now! 
that's all from me, luv, farah.


  1. gooo Army !! eh hehe.. hampir samalah fav playlist but ill add BTOB's and Highlight's new songs =) btw sungguhlah. the aloevera gel is helpful in reducing the sunburn. kena rajin tepek and we have to bring it with us all the time. its okay sunburn normal nanti okaylah tu.

    1. urm, Farah bukan Army pun sebenarnya. minat sikit sikit je, muka member bts pun belum kenal lagi hahaha. yaa, harap harap okayla. sunburn teruk ni sebab kawad :/

  2. Salam singgah dan follow. Anda dijemput join GA saya! :D

  3. I've never got the chance to grab magic lip from savee beauty but I loves their lip protector, so affordable!

    1. i've never try the lip protector, insyaAllah will try it soon!

  4. I listened to lofi playlist whenever I wanna sleep ... or study. It helps me focus a lot! I know the struggles from sunburn tsk, himnae! I read somewhere that even though we used aloe as moisturizer, we still need to use a proper moisturizer am I right? Hehe.